Timeless Way Institute
Empowering Individuals
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The Timeless Way Institute develops strong communities and empowers
individuals to fulfill their greatest potential and achieve lasting happiness.

The Institute develops communities and individuals by harnessing the natural
process of change through the power of education and personal integrity.

The Timeless Way is universal ethics for a global society.  It is a way of life
rooted in lessons thousands of years old, but fresh and new in America.  The
Timeless Way Institute  helps communities and individuals prosper and grow
by promoting the Timeless Way through education.

When you think of community building or self-realization, think of the
Timeless Way.  
Our Method

The Timeless Way Institute believes all people and all communities can
increase their joy and prosperity by applying the timeless lessons of one of
the greatest teachers to ever walk the earth:  Confucius.

Our research in education led us to the
Winding Spring Process of Education,
which is so important that we started the
Timeless Way Foundation to focus
on education.

Our research in community building has led us to the
Six Maxims of Ming
and the
Community Compact of Wang Yangming.  We can apply the timeless
lessons of the ancient sages to solve today's problems.

The President of the Institute has captured the wisdom of Confucius in the
book, "
Achieve Lasting Happiness, Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Life."

The Loves and Commitments of Confucianism are an original contribution
from our President.

The Timeless Way Institute can provide a speaker for meetings, special
events, seminars, and book clubs to show how timeless wisdom can improve
your life, your business, and your community.
Our Mission