About the Book
The keystone of our educational effort is the book, "Achieve Lasting
Happiness, Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Life.
Everyone wants a happy life.  We sometimes assume possessions, power,
prestige, or excitement will make us happy.  All these pursuits eventually
leave people feeling unfulfilled.
 Achieve Lasting Happiness shows the secret
to happiness lies within our humanity.

We can realize the full potential of our humanity through the power of
self-transformation.  This book explains a four-step process for a fulfilling
life.  The four-step process is applied in a 28-day guided study using the
timeless lessons of Confucius.

This book will empower you to change your life.  It will put you on the path
to lasting happiness.

About the Institute

The Timeless Way Institute promotes tolerance and prosperity through
universal principles.  It guides individuals in personal growth, strengthens
communities, and promotes harmony between communities and between

About Our President

Robert Canright is President and founder of the Timeless Way Institute,
which helps individuals achieve a life of self-enpowerment through the
lessons of Confucius.  The Timeless Way is the wisdom of Confucius
updated for the twenty-first century.

Mr. Canright has had many careers in technology.  He holds degrees in
Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.  He
worked as a research engineer in high speed electronics.  You can
click here
to see his list of publications on high speed transmission lines.  He also
worked as a public school teacher.  He finally returned to his first love,
philosophy, and his studies of Confucianism changed his life.

Mr. Canright saw the lessons of Confucius being overlooked by the modern
world, so after years of study he founded the Timeless Way Institute to
promote these lessons.

Our Commitment to Education

Our research in community building led to an innovation in education we call
"The Winding Spring Process of Education."  Due to the importance and
complexity of public education, we have created a non-profit organization,
Timeless Way Foundation, which focuses on developing the Winding
Spring Process of Education.
Timeless Way Institute
Empowering Individuals
About the Timeless Way Institute

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